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Watch To Earn
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Watch To Earn
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Watch, Earn, and Contribute to a More Sustainable Live Stream Ecosystem.

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LOFI EQ is a Web3.0 Watch-to-Earn APP Where Both Viewers and Streamers Engage in a Symbiotic Relationship with Tokens.



NFT for Viewer
Users Equipped with NFT Pods - Watch Video Content on YouTube or Twitch to Earn a $Buzz Token, Which Can be Used to Level Up and Mint New LoFI Pods.


NFT for Streamer
Streamers with LoFi Mic NFT will Give Additional Tokens to Viewers' Donated $Buzz When Broadcasting. They will also Provide Other Benefits to LoFi Beats Users Who Have Watched the LoFi Mic holder's broadcast.


LOFI Pods - NFT for Viewer

Watch live-stream, earn $BUZZ, and support your favorite streamer.


$BUZZ is a utility token of LOFI EQ. It can be used for upgrading your LOFI Pods and donating to your favorite streamer.


$LOFI is a governance token of LOFI project, which contains the basic elements of a governance token. It can be traded on an exchange.

LoFi Station !

Experience being truly yourself with PFP NFTs! 
Try LOFI’s AI technology to express yourself truly and freely.

brings nft to life

Your facial expressions and gestures in front of the camera will be replicated by the NFT.

LoFi sdk for

NFT creators can import their own PFP NFTs to the LoFi platform; 3rd party developers simply attach the LOFI SDK to their platform, allowing NFT holders to play with their PFP NFTs on any platforms that LoFi SDK is attached.

fun &

With LoFi's unique eco system, it makes watching and streaming more fun and sustainable.
:) Rarity
:) Leveling
:) Battery
:) Gems
:) Breeding
:) Cube
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Frequently asked questions

What is LoFi vision?

We want to provide an open broadcasting platform to everyone using web3 and reach a decentralized broadcasting environment.

What is token Economy

You can check the token economy by clicking on this link.

Does LoFi have Token burning matric?

Of course. It is essential to configure the eco cycle. You can check it out at this link.

Can you describe Token distribution?

The designed token distribution can be found at this link.

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Experience LoFi's unique technology in advance.